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Ensign Yachts provides a comfortable and reassuring source to all we work with. We have spent years earning a reputation for being responsible in the representation of our buyers and sellers alike. We have stayed true to our commitment of being a fair competitor by knowing that we represent our clients in the most professional manner and being thought of highly by our peers. Working with other brokers is a pleasure for us and we ensure they as well enjoy working with us whether it is showing one of our listings or by them allowing us access to their listings on your behalf.

All of our brokers are licensed yacht brokers who adhere to all Ensign Yachts’ standards. They are able to access any listed boat in any marina – worldwide. Each broker can represent you for yachts, powerboats and sailboats – of any size. The Internet changed how buyers search for their dream boat.  As the Internet has taken the lead, and a substantial lead at that, over any other source for people who are looking for their next boat, Ensign International Yacht Brokerage is at the forefront.  The owner of Ensign Yachts happens to also own a marketing agency and knows how to maximize Internet marketing and social media.

We belong to California Yacht Broker Association, the only organization who guides the ethics of yacht brokers in California. Being a member of the Southern California Marine Association enables us to be dedicated to development and promotion of the recreational boating industry. We are also a member of Boat US, the most powerful advocate in the US for advancing interests of all boaters. As you sell and/or buy your boat, Ensign Yachts dedicates ourselves to helping you experience the most positive experience possible. Confident that you will be pleased, we will do everything to serve you well.

Information for Boat and Yacht Buyers

Finding the right boat for you is what makes us enjoy our work. We have the ability to access not only San Diego yacht brokers and their listings but also internationally. Asking you the right questions ensures we can find just the right boat for you. Any boat that has caught your attention will be researched in detail by us. Once we get the information you need we will arrange an appointment for you to view the boat. Having a good relationship with other brokers enables us to have insight about your boat that others may not have access to. Once that right boat comes along, we do all the work for you, preparing the offer and presenting to the seller’s agent. Once the negotiations move forward we are right there through it all. And once an agreement has been reached, our efforts on your behalf continue as we coordinate the surveys, and provide you resources for funding, insurance or finding a slip. We see our responsibility to you as serving all your interest and needs.

First Time Buyers

Not sure what you want, maybe a fishing boat, a weekend sailor, a cruiser for the bay, or a condo on the water. Is it for you or maybe for your family and the kids. All you know is that you want to enjoy your very own boat and the water. We know what questions to ask so let us help you. We know all the various styles and reviews for every boat; we take the time to know what boat will work best for your lifestyle. We help with all the pros and cons, and guide you through the process.

Seasoned Boat Owners

Your online search is made simpler with our help. You probably already have an idea of what you are looking for; we can help with previewing any boat that catches your interest.
When you find a boat that interests you why go from broker to broker? Working with us will ensure you gain the advantage of working with people that have your interests in mind. Having a good relationship with other brokers gives us the advantage of gaining a more complete assessment about their listings. Giving you more knowledge than you may achieve on your own.
We are confident that you will like working with our team of professional yacht brokers.



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